My first images with the SEL 55-210 lens for Sony NEX

My SEL 55-210 lens for the Sony NEX has just arrived, and I had the chance to shoot a few test images.

I have decided to invest on the Sony NEX 5N as a small and convenient camera system for many reasons. It is extra small and light, has great ISO performance, a very fast motor drive, many automations (for the rare times I will use them), and above all that, i can mount my Leica, Voigtlander and Nikon lenses if I want to.

I already own the 16mm pancake and the 18-55, so the 55-210 was the next step. This way I have covered a 35mm equivalent focal length of 24-320. I am also going to add the e-mount 50mm f/1.8 lens for available light shooting very soon.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens)

The 55-210 is not a small lens, but I had no trouble balancing it on the NEX body. After all, it’s a telephoto zoom, how small can it be ? It’s by all means a slow lens (f/4.5-6.3), but it’s also a relatively cheap lens, so for the use I need it for, it’s OK.

The auto focus and stabilizer features are really great for a telephoto lens, and it allows you to work very fast. The NEX 5N with all three lenses easily fit in a normal camera bag, easy to carry and above all, a very light combo which is ideal for long walks.

More photos from the SEL 55-210 soon !!

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens)

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