More infrared images with the B+W 093 filter

Two more infrared images with the B+W 093 infrared filter. A stronger filter than the 092, which will block the entire visible spectrum and will create “pure” black and white IR images.

I used the Leica M8 with the Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f4.5 lens, which is about 20mm equivalent on the 1.33x crop sensor of the M8. As with my previous test, I got shutter speeds of about 1/12 on a sunny day (f/5.6 aperture, ISO 320). Despite the low speed, i got pretty sharp images, a combination of the mirrorless Leica and the very wide angle lens.


I did a panoramic crop on the image above, that means that with the 10 megapixels Leica M8, there are not many megapixels left to make a large print, in this case I should either shoot multiple images and stitch (I don’t really know how this will turn out, since IR light is unpredictable), or load a Rollei 400 IR film on my Gaoersi 617 panoramic camera. I should probably try it soon, since I liked a lot this particular landscape.

On the image above, right on the centre, you can clearly notice a hot spot, a lighter part in the image which is probably caused by the way IR light is rendered through the lens. I have read about it at different forums and it’s something that cannot easily be avoided, I will try more shots before I can confirm it.


You can also notice on the photo above, that the sky is unevenly lighted. This is an effect that I have not seen using the 092 filter, but it’s clearly evident with the 093.

As a first conclusion, I find the 093 to produce much more “pure” infrared images than the 092, although the later still remains a more versatile filter, with the advantages of easier handheld shooting and the ability to make “false color” IR images. So, I will probably use more the 092, and leave the 093 for special situations.

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