More infrared images for today’s post, it seems like I am shooting more and more with the IR filter, and that’s natural since there are bright sunny days (of course, a few clouds would make the sky more attractive for infrared, but I don’t complain !!)

Once more, the Leica M8 with the Voigtlander Skopar 21mm f4 and B+W 092 infrared filter was my infrared gear.


Shooting among trees at summer is one of the most proper subjects to show the infrared light effect. Green foliage turns to bright white, and you get very interesting images. This time, I decided to carry my tripod, so that I would be able to shoot at smaller apertures and get sharp and properly focused images (due to the greater depth of field). With an f8 or f11 aperture and not too much light (the trees blocked most of the light) I got shutter speeds of about 1/2. Although this speed requires a tripod, it also allows to get a reasonably fast capture and prevent the blur from moving leaves (if there is wind). With other cameras, exposures would be seconds long, which would not allow me to capture the images the way I wanted to.



Converting the images to black and white creates a very dramatic atmosphere to scenes that otherwise would look very common, and that’s the beauty of infrared photography.


The false color IR image above, is achieved by swapping the red and blue channel, which usually creates yellow foliage and blue sky. At this particular scene, the water turned deep blue, while the foliage is almost white, a very interesting effect (you never really know how infrared light will behave !!). False color IR can only be done with a filter like the B+W 092 or Hoya R72.

The B+W 093 filter can only produce black and white images while then B+W 099 (a yellow IR filter) will create strange looking false color images with magenta foliage and green sky. These are filters that will work in very few subjects and take a lot of experiment until I get a good image.

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