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One more post about infrared images, it seems that the sunny days of summer makes me shoot IR like crazy. The “classic” Leica M8 / Skopar 21mm / B+W 092 infrared filter was employed for all images.


The 21mm Skopar with the IR filter tends to flare like crazy when shooting against the sun, but this time I managed to use my hand as a very effective light blocker. It worked in most photos. All images were shot handheld at ISO 160 and 320 and I got quite many keepers.



A old church provided with very interesting photos by trying some close angles. The walls were the perfect match for the IR filter and it sure created a very different look from a simple black and white image. I don’t usually shoot architecture with infrared, but it looks like after these images I will sure include it in my subjects !! The problem here is that the 21mm Skopar acts like a 28mm due to the 1.33 crop factor, so I will probably have to invest to a new 52mm IR filter for my 15mm Voigtlander (which will provide me with a 20mm equivalent focal length, pretty wide for most of my needs).


During my trip I reached at a green field with green trees at the background. Now, green is a the color that turns to white when shooting infrared, so the whole scenery looked quite extra terrestrial under infrared light. The presence of a few horses and some fellow photographers allowed me to include more elements in the frame, and produce some different images than my usual IR landscapes. It’s always refreshing to be able to differentiate from your usual subjects, and it really gives you a motive to experiment and open your mind.





The image just above is my favorite from this day.

The last two images below, are IR landscapes converted to black and white. I tried swapping the red and blu channels tl produce a false color IR, it looked impressive, but I ended up with the more dramatic b&w version.



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