Images with Leica M7

Two more images for today’s post, the last from my recently developed rolls of b&w film.

(Leica M7, Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f4.5, Kodak TRI-X 400, B+W 091 red filter)

The red filter on the above image, created a dramatic look, although I believe that an orange filter would be more appropriate for this photo. The TRI-X is not the best film for these images, since it’s quite grainy, but that’s what I had loaded in my M7 that day. With film surely you don’t have the options of digital and sometimes the “wrong” film will prevent you from taking an image the way you want it, but that’s something you learn to live with. A second body loaded with a Pan F or FP4 would be ideal, but usually when I also carry the M6 with me, it’s loaded with a Delta 3200 in order to be able to take to shoot at low light if necessary.

The only option I have right now for changing film mid roll is the Mamiya 645 with a second film back, but that’s a camera I have also stopped using, since for medium format I consider 6×4.5 to be a quite “small” format. I can of course have more cameras with me when I travel by car but the more cameras I carry, the more it gets me frustrated.

Adding a digital camera would be the easiest way, but lately I have been almost completely devoted to film, I like the whole process of shooting an analog camera and the look of film images, so I don’t mind not making a few images the way I wanted. I don’t feel anymore that I have to capture everything that I see, and this way I can focus to the subjects that really a present a good photographic chance for me.

(Leica M7, Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5, Kodak TRI-X 400)

The above image was taken during the worst thunderstorm that I have experienced. I didn’t go out to take images since it was not safe for my camera but I managed to get this snapshot. This is where the TRI-X really shines, at street and documentary photography. Also, the Leica M7 with its aperture priority function made it possible to shoot fast enough to capture the scene with proper exposure. I know most people consider the Leica MP to be the ultimate M camera ever (together with the legendary M3 of course), but the M7 makes me work faster and that’s crucial for me when doing street images. So, despite the fact that my old beaten up M6 remains my favorite camera, the M7 gets the most use these days.

That’s all for today, I hope that I will be able this week to make some more images despite my heavy schedule.

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