Long Exposure Infrared images with Fuji X100

Two images for today’s post (actually it’s one image in two different versions). Despite the mediocre infrared results i got from the Fuji X100 last time, I decided to give it one more shot (especially since I found a great subject and I didn’t have the Leica M8 with me !!). I mounted the Hoya R72 filter, put the camera on the tripod and took a few long exposure shots.

The X100 allows you to look through the optical viewfinder clearly even with the infrared filter attached (the same as the Leica does). That’s very convinient. Also, the in camera ND filter came in handy since it allowed me to cut some more stops without messing up with the aperture (I don’t like to shoot at f16 values due to diffraction). So, as far as ergonomics are concerned, the X100 got it all right.

This time also, I was much more satisfied with the final image I got. Still no false color IR like the Leica, but very good results when I experimented with the White Balance (I always shoot RAW when doing infrared since white balance plays a significant role to the look of the image). Image quality was superb (as expected from this camera), and I am going to print both versions at large size since I cannot really decide which I prefer.

Here are the two versions of the image (15 seconds exposure).

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