Holga 120 WPC pinhole panoramic camera

The Holga 120 WPC is a pinhole panoramic camera capable of taking 6×12 frames with medium format film. I had purchased it a couple of years ago, to experiment with the unpredictable results that a pinhole camera can produce.

The procedure is of course, plain simple. Take off the cap, use a cable release and hold it for as long as you have metered to make the image. The aperture equivalent is f133, which means that even at broad daylight with 100 ISO film, you will need several seconds exposure to get a properly exposed shot, so a tripod or a steady surface is a must.

As any respectable toy camera, there are leaks in the plastic body construction, which in order to prevent them, I use black electrical tape, so the whole experience with this camera is quite adventurous.

For my last session with the WPC, I used a Lomo 100 color film. Out of 6 frames, only one was worth keeping. I overexposed too much the rest of the film, so in my next session I should be more careful !!

The one and only survivor frame is the one below, a five seconds exposure. It sure has its own distinctive look which almost looks like a painting to me.


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