Flowers images with Sony NEX 5N and Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm

I enjoy viewing images of flowers but I rarely shoot any, it’s not one of my favorite styles of photograph. I have made a few images in the past with the Tamron 90mm macro lens for my Nikon (an excellent macro lens by the way) but nothing special.

Since I had some free time today and I was enjoying a cup of a coffee in a garden, I did some hasty shots with the Sony NEX 5N and the Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm f2.8

It’s a great lens and very small for a 90mm. I consider the Elmarit 90mm to be a better lens, but the Tele is so small that it earned its place in my bag.


It’s small size makes it a perfect match for the NEX, and the OLED viewfinder combined with the focus peaking system did a great job in nailing focus. All shots were at f4, since I opted for a greater depth of field.

One great disadvantage of the Tele-Elmarit is its minimum focus distance which is 1 meter. I would prefer something like 0.70cm, but at that price (used) and size, I can live with 1 meter.



Shooting with the NEX was as always a breeze. Its a fantastic small camera for everyday use and although lately I have almost exclusively returned to film, I enjoy a lot using it.

I am also shooting some image later today of the same flowers with two different setups, the Leica M8 / Tele Elmarit 90 and the Leica M7 / Tele Elmarit 90 loaded with the new Kodak 160 Professional, so it would be an interesting comparison.

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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