A visit to a prehistoric settlement

For today’s post, a few images from a recent visit to one of the oldest Neolithic settlements in Europe. Its located at the village of Dispilio, near the city of Kastoria at Greece. More info about this discovered settlement can be found at this article (Wikipedia).



I was very lucky since it was a sunny day with could formations that allowed me to take some good images. The prehistoric village is a replica of course, constructed to look exactly as the original. A very interesting place to visit.

As always when traveling, I had with me the Sony NEX 5N with the 18-55 lens. For one more time I had forgot to pack the 16mm f2.8 pancake lens but fortunately I also carried the Leica M7 with the 15mm Voiglander so I was able to make some wide angle shots (which are not yet developed, so I will post them in a few days).

I used a polarizer filter which was exactly what needed on a day like this. Also for the interior shots, the HDR function of the NEX proved to be perfect, since the bright light entering from the door created a very contrasty scene.




Once again, the NEX proved to be a great travel camera. I have also started to shoot some RAW images especially at wide angle shots, since Lightroom 4 can automatically correct the distortion of the 18-55 lens, a very useful feature indeed.

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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