Plaubel Makina with Delta 3200

Yesterday I developed one of my past months rolls of film. It’s a Delta 3200 film shot with the Plaubel Makina 67 camera. Mostly after dusk images handheld. The f2.8 aperture of the Makina really helps on low light conditions and although the Leica M with the Nokton 35mm f1.4 and Nokton 50mm f1.1 is my usual low light setup, the great size of the 6×7 negative has much more reduced grain and of course can be printed in much larger sizes.

(image cropped to a more panoramic format)

As I have repeatedly stated in previous posts, I have been spoiled by the large size of medium format negatives. Generally speaking, shooting a 35mm format film camera is faster and of course gives you 36 frames per roll. But in the case of the Makina 67, there’s really not much difference since its easy to carry and relatively fast to shoot. Being a rangefinder also means that I can focus easier in low light situations and 10 frames per roll are enough for most of my walks. I can also push Delta to 6400 ISO to gain one more stop (so its like shooting with a f2 lens) and grain is still acceptable due to the 6×7 size.

In many ways, I have replaced my Leica M with the the Makina, the 40mm focal length equivalent is great for most my images (and due to the large file it produces, I can also crop to a more panoramic format or to emulate a longer focal length).

Here are are the rest if the images (as you can easily see there are lots of spots due to my bad development. It happens from time to time, I will have to clean my developing equipment very soon !!)




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