Mirror on field

During a recent project we placed a mirror on a field supported by a tripod on its back. As I was browsing though these photos I thought it would be interesting to digitally remove the tripod, so that the mirror looks suspended.

I used the Snapheal app (for Mac) which has been able to successfully remove objects from photos in many occasions. This time, I was not 100% satisfied with the results, so i had to try it on Photoshop. With the Clone Stamp tool the results were way better (probably due to the fact that it was easy to clone grass which has a repeated pattern). I suppose CS5 could have done a great job with its dedicated objects removal feature, but I own an older version (and don’t plan to upgrade soon since I am very happy with it and also runs great on my MacBook laptop).

For the history, the image was shot with the Plaubel Makina 67 and Ilford XP2 400 film. The large size of the scanned 6×7 negative (at 4000dpi) helped a lot in post process. It’s easier to edit an image with lots of megapixels, there is plenty of information and room for post process. That’s also one reason I decided to go with the Nikon D800E, editing a 36 megapixels file is always better than a 12MP image (D700). I suppose that in about a month I will find it out fist hand !!


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