Landscapes with the Sony NEX 5N

Landscapes have become my favorite kind of photography during the past two years. Since I travel a lot, I have the chance of visiting beautiful sceneries and capture them on camera. I usually will employ one of my film cameras since I really prefer the look of film (you just can’t beat Velvia !!) and the color and tonality that medium format cameras offer.

Shooting landscapes is a relatively slow process, it requires patience and being there at the right time. But there are also situations when time is limited, and here comes digital. Much faster than my 6×9 or 6×17 cameras and with the ability to experiment by shooting many frames. I used to carry a Nikon DSLR when traveling but it was a big and heavy combo, furthermore I prefer a smaller camera for my trips since it allows me to make long walks and also take images in cities (I am not comfortable walking around with a DSLR and a big zoom lens in urban areas).

With the arrival of large sensor mirrorless cameras it seems that I have solved this problem. The Sony NEX 5N has earned its permanent place in my bag, even replacing many times my Leica M8. It’s small, fast, provides great image quality and a superb ISO performance. Furthermore I can use almost all my lenses with the right adapter.


(Sony NEX 5N, Sony 18-55 zoom lens)

Recently, I had the chance of passing through wonderful sceneries and the NEX came in handy. I didn’t have the time to take many shots with my film cameras so most of the day I used the NEX. During mid day, the sun’s position makes it difficult to get good images. High contrasty scenes and not very good color. I found myself to use a lot the HDR function of the NEX, since it captures a greater dynamic range of the scene and it is more easy for me to process the image afterwards.


(Sony NEX 5N, Sony 18-55 zoom lens)

The OLED viewfinder was extremely helpful in bright sun, since it was very difficult to view the LCD screen. The 18-55 zoom lens is not something special, but it’s range made it easier to capture scenes without changing lenses. In order to get the maximum quality out of the 16mp sensor, a better lens is required but as I said I didn’t really had the time to shoot images the way I usually do, so the 18-55 was OK for the job.

I also shot a few videos (it will take some time to finish the final video) using the High Contrast B&W mode . The NEX is a very good performer when it comes to video (another one advantage of this camera).

So, here are the rest of the landscapes shot with the Sony NEX 5N (the last image is not a landscape but I really liked it a lot, so I am posting it !!)






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  1. Frank says:

    Beautiful landscapes, beautiful photos!!! Whished I was there to take photos too 🙂
    I wonder, has the Nex camera better dynamic range then your Leica? Your photos have very good DR, that Sony camera is very good. I have a Pen camera, not such a good performer for DR, I’m afraid …

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