Images of fields with the Sony NEX 5N in HDR mode

After many days of cold overcast weather and heavy rain, finally the clouds settled a little and I got the chance to make some images. I really love taking photos of fields this time of the year, the green and brown combination colors are wonderful. I really wished I had a roll of Velvia with me, together with the Fuji GSW690 it would be the perfect setup, but since I had loaded a FP4 b&w film I decided to use the Sony NEX 5N.


Since the scenes were very contrasty I used the HDR mode of the NEX. It proved to be a very good choice since it captured the images with a greater dynamic range and it was easier for me to post process them. Once again the Lightroom 4 with the new Highlights/Shadows sliders proved to be very helpful in recovering the full details of the landscape scenes. In situations like this the HDR mode of the NEX is great. It doesn’t produce a painting like image but delivers subtle tones and transitions from shadows to highlights, making it easier for me to work on the final image.



One other thing I enjoyed a lot was using the external OLED viewfinder. It’s a wonderful EVF and I have also used it at waist level position to capture scenes from a low level. It’s expensive but it really is awesome.

The motor drive of the NEX is so fast that it was a joy to shoot HDR handheld, the final images came out crystal clear and although a tripod is always the best choice for HDR shooting, there was no problem at all composing HDR photos handheld.


I have really settled with the Sony NEX system as my everyday walk around camera. It’s small, light very fast, great at high ISO and with a superb sensor. Despite the fact that the 18-55 zoom lens is not really on par with the great sensor, it’s versatile and I have printed 20 inches wide images with fantastic results (and I can always mount my Leica, Voigtlander and Nikon lenses when I demand higher quality). It also shoots great video when I need to.

Yesterday I received an adapter which will allow me use my Mamiya 645 medium format lenses on the NEX. Now, that would be an interesting combo !!

Enough with words, here are the rest of the images.





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