This is my third post of the “triple B” series (Buildings, Boats, Birds !!). After shooting architecture and a few boats, it was time for birds. Now, this is the kind of photography I have only practiced a couple of times since I started taking photography seriously as a hobby.

I really enjoy viewing beautiful images of birds but it’s not really a fascinating subject for me. Furthermore I don’t have the patience required or fast telephoto lenses. Personally I consider a 50mm lens as a telephoto !

I found myself on a narrow path that was running around a beautiful lake and I stumbled upon flocks of birds near me, so I though why not ? As I was totally unprepared for this scene I only had with me the NEX 5N and the 18-55 zoom (27-82 equivalent). This range is of course insufficient when it comes to animals since they will flee away the moment they spot you.


Fortunately, the NEX 5N has a 16mp sensor which means I could crop a lot in order to emulate a longer focal length. It worked quite well and I managed to make a few images worth posting. The bad thing is, that some of the best ones needed to be cropped at sizes about 2 megapixels which means they cannot be printed large (I always try to compose and shoot images in a way that can be printed since I love large prints). Next time I am visiting this area I will sure bring a telephoto lens !!



About shooting details, I was really amazed by the fast shutter of the NEX. It worked like a machine gun nailing down almost every piece of the action. A fantastic performer indeed !! This is truly a camera for everything. Focus speed was not as fast as a DSLR but the fast motor drive compensated for that. I am really thinking of the 55-210 e-mount lens, since it’s not expensive at all and I have seen beautiful images taken with it.

Overall, bird photography was a great experience and surely quite different from what I am used to. Enjoy the rest of the images.






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