After Dusk

Shooting after dusk handheld with a medium format camera is not very usual. Unless we are dealing with black and white fast films, the only choice for slide film today is the Fuji Provia 400X.
Slide film looks almost always better than a color negative and the Provia is a fantastic slide film.
I happened to load it on my Makina 67 late on the day and started shooting just after dusk. I didn’t use any blue filters to fix white balance since I would loose the speed advantage. I really was very pleased with the results and the way this film captured light and color.


I compared these images with a friend of mine who was also taking pictures with me that day with a digital camera and the film images were really quite different, far more atmospheric and with a unique look that a digital camera cannot reproduce. I don’t necessarily say they are better, but for my taste they were far superior.


When I get these kind of images, I am always looking forward to my next photo session with a film camera. A rangefinder camera (like the Plaubel) can easily be used at low shutter speeds and that is very helpful when there is not enough light. Some of the shots were at f1/8 and f1/15 speeds and the results were very good.

This was my last roll of Provia 400X, and although I didn’t plan to reorder soon (I have lots of Velvia, Provia 100F and Astia 100F in my fridge which will expire this year so these should be a priority), I think that I will order some more very soon !!

Here are the rest of the images.



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