Street images with Ricoh GX200

After a long time I found the “right conditions” for some street images. A pleasant break from landscapes which seem to cover 90% of my photos during the past year. It was snowing today early morning and I thought it was a good change to make some photos. At the city center unfortunately the snow was not so present but it still looked liked a rainy morning (I really take most of my street images during rain) so I took the Ricoh GX200 and made some images (single handed of course, the other hand had to hold the umbrella !!)


It was freezing cold, so I didn’t want to stay out long but still managed to get a few keepers. I chose as always the JPEG black and white mode, set focus to manual so that the camera will shoot without lag and also ISO to 200 in order to have a good shutter speed.

The lack of Shutter Priority mode on the GX200 is really a serious omit (especially for street images) and pushing the ISO to 400 would lead to noisy pictures (after all it’s a quite old compact camera with old sensor technology), so you basically have to improvise a little in this area.


This time I did a little post process on the JPEGS, some crop, contrast boost and sharpening. I used the iPad with Photogene app and the whole process was smooth and easy. Despite the lack of serious process power, the iPad 1 still is very good for a basic image processing.

Here are two more images from this morning session.



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