Shooting against the sun

As a general rule, when taking images it’s good to keep the sun behind or at your side. But rules are or course meant to broken, and sometimes in photography is even required in order to get different images.
Shooting against the sun can cause flare, haze and ruin an image, but it can also provide the recipe for great photos. I do it often when I feel that a good image can come out of this. A good quality lens helps a lot but even the flaws of a mediocre lens can lead to very good photos.


The contrast of course can go crazy depending on how you metered the scene, I usually bracket my shots with digital cameras when I feel there’s an interesting subject but when shooting film I usually just take one shot. It’s a great feeling when I develop my negatives and see a good image.

In most situations I will either shoot black and white film or convert to monochrome if shooting digital. I really prefer black and white for these kind of images, they look more dramatic than the color ones.


Enough with words, here are the rest of the images.





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