Old buildings

A walk through the old sections of a city will provide many old and abandoned buildings as photographic subjects. I have already posted some black and white images from this walk, taken with the Plaubel Makina 67.
I had the chance to also use the Sony NEX 5N since I wanted to take some color images. The 18-55 zoom lens proved to be very helpful since there were scenes requiring both the wide angle and telephoto ends of the zoom.



It was an overcast day and the light helped rendering the colors of the buildings in way I liked very much, so I didn’t do any conversions to black and white. Although I mostly use prime lenses, the 18-55 zoom gave me the versatility needed for these images without having to change lenses. There was distortion at the wide end of the lens but Lightroom did a pretty good job correcting it.

The tilt screen of the NEX is a feature I like very much since it allows both waist level shots and shooting by holding the camera way above my eyes. This helps keeping the camera to a good angle and is very helpful in reducing distortion. For normal shots the OLED viewfinder is superb, I don’t like using the screen for framing, a viewfinder is the way for me to make images.

One thing that I have to notice is that the interface which connects the viewfinder to the camera is quite fragile, it requires attention and careful use since I suspect it wouldn’t be too difficult to damage the connector if pushed against on the bag or my pocket.

Enough with words, here are the rest of the images.







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