Fuji GSW690 with Fuji Astia 100F

I have recently received slide films from the lab. It’s always a great experience to view for the first time developed slide film, especially medium format which looks absolutely stunning. I have repeatedly stated that even the Coolscan 9000 scanner cannot fully reproduce the glorious detail which is present on medium format slide frame.


All images on this post were taken with the Fuji GSW690iii loaded with Fuji Astia 100F slide film. It’s one of the rare times I have used Astia for landscapes. Its considered to be more of a portrait film but I had a couple of rolls which are expiring soon, so I gave it a try.

Astia sure is not Velvia or even Provia, but it has it’s advantages. It scans really great and has a slightly better exposure latitude. It’s neutral color and contrast produces scans which can easily be post processed and although it lacks the vivid colors of Velvia, I found the results on landscapes pretty good.


The shooting location was Meteora (Greece). A unique location with many great subjects for landscape and travel photography. I used a tripod in order to get the maximum quality and when viewing the full size scans, the detail is stunning.


The Fuji GSW690 is the best film camera I have used for landscapes. Fully mechanical with a superb 65mm Fujinon lens (28mm equivalent) and 6×9 format, produces huge negatives with fantastic details.

Enough with words, here are the rest of the images.





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