Black and White images with Ricoh GX200

It was raining heavily yesterday so it was time to take out the Ricoh GX200 for a walk. For those who have read some of my previous posts will already know that the GX200 is my favorite “rain camera”. It’s not weather sealed but it’s small size and it’s fantastic “one hand operation” ergonomics make it ideal for a rainy day.


The GX200 is a compact camera with features that usually are found on DSLRs, it’s ergonomics are superb, it even features a time lapse mode which I have used extensively and it also has an external electronic viewfinder which is very helpful especially on sunny days. The only missing feature is the Shutter Priority mode (which I really can’t understand why they omitted it in a camera with so many “extras”). Of course today is considered to be old sensor technology and that can easily be seen when choosing ISO 400 and above but for the purposes I am using it is just fine.



A couple of years ago only a DSLR wits it’s larger sensor would be a match for the GX200, but of course these days we are spoiled by fantastic small mirroless cameras like the NEX,X100 and GX1 for example. The larger sensors provide great dynamic range, IQ and ISO performance that the little Ricoh cannot match, but for candid shots and occasional images (I mean the ones you can grab because it happened to have a camera with you, the GX200 fits in any pocket and I don’t always walk around with a camera bag on my shoulder) its excellent.

All images on this post are straight out of the camera JPEGs using GX200’s b&w mode.




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