Winter images with the Leica M7

At a recent trip on the snowy mountains I took some good images with the Sony NEX 5N. I had also with me the Leica M7 loaded with Fuji Sensia 100 slide film. As it always happens, analog images take much longer to publish, especially slide film which requires me to send the rolls to a lab in another city.

I had a couple of Sensia slide film left on my fridge for quite some time now, and I suspect it was out of date. Fuji Sensia is supposed to be the amateurs slide film, but the few rolls I’ve shot we’re of excellent quality.


Shooting at the snow is more demanding than “normal” shots since you have to compensate your exposure, usually by at least one stop. With digital it’s easy, you preview the image and shoot again, but of course with film you just see the final image. Fortunately the metering system of the Leica M (which I can only describe it as something between center weighted and spot metering) was very good at setting the right exposure (or I just have learned it very well after years of using it !!).

I got some good images using the Elmarit 28mm and the 1950’s Elmar 50mm collapsible lenses. You can definitely notice some color shift on some of them, probably due to the out of date roll, but generally I got some good keepers.



As I expected the film camera had not trouble at low temperatures. Of course I was a little more careful when advancing film (I did it more gently than normal) and everything worked fine.

Enough with words, here are the images.




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