Sunrise on winter

Sunrise over a frozen city taken with the Sony NEX 5N.


I am currently near the end of a four days business trip, where my free time was extremely limited, but I managed to capture some interesting images which I will post tomorrow. Temperatures were way under zero Celsius during my trip, above image was taken at -24 Celsius temperature. The NEX 5N performed flawlessly and although I had also brought with me the Leica M8 and the Plaubel Makina 67, I ended up using almost exclusively the NEX.

It seems that this is going to remain my first choice of digital camera for a long time since it provides me everything I need. I am also waiting the OLED viewfinder for the NEX which I am going to try over the weekend.

Also, I have just received from the lab five rolls of slide film shot with the Gaoersi 617, Mamiya 645 and Leica M7 cameras, so it’s going to be a busy weekend after all !!

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  1. Frank says:

    Very beautiful photo. I would wipe out the flares from the lens in Photoshop ..

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