Sony NEX 5N picture effects on landscape

The Sony NEX 5N features also features some picture effects like its predecessor. I found very interesting the addition of a “Rich Monochrome B&W” effect, where the camera shoots three consecutive images and creates a black and white image with great tonal range. It looks to me like an exposure blend combination for monochrome images.

(High Contrast black and white picture effect)

(Rich Tone black and white picture effect)

You can see the detail that was kept in the sky in comparison to the High Contrast mode. That is very useful when processing an image since it has kept a great dynamic range. I can easily dodge the field to increase its exposure while at the same time have the sky intact.

The good thing here is that the blazing fast shutter of the 5N allows to shoot three images instantly with minimum vibration. It’s shutter is quite different than 5N, no more two click sound but just a sound which is more discrete than the previous model.

Although I still haven’t explored thoroughly the 5N, I am pretty amazed by its speed and automations. I am used to slow shooting since I mostly shoot film with Leica M and medium format cameras, but it’s great to also have a modern digital camera which works so fast. It allows me to capture snapshots of family and friends, and even sports action. So I consider the 5N to be the perfect addition to my arsenal.

I haven’t yet the chance to test this camera with my Leica and Voigtlander lenses, will probably do it next week. For now, two more images of the same landscape using the picture effects and HDR mode. All images on this post are straight of the camera JPEGS with no manipulation. That’s also why you can see a dust spot on the above left corner. The NEX sensor is very easily to gather dust when changing lenses, but that a problem we all have to deal with digital cameras.



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