Black and White images with Sony NEX 5N

The Sony NEX 5N has been a real joy to use since day one. A great improvement over the previous model and exactly what I need for my every days walks. A very fast camera in every means, and the addition of the touch screen (which to my surprise I use a lot) has become very easy to operate. I chose for today images that I converted to black and white.


The above image is the only one that I took while walking. The rest of the images on this post were taken while driving on highways. Since I take my safety very seriously most of the images were shot blind (which means I was watching the road and not the camera screen !!) by using the motor drive of the camera. In order to eliminate blur I used the 18-55 lens which has image stabilization and also chose Shutter priority mode set at 1/400 speed. The very fast motor drive allowed me to get some good images. Also the 16 megapixels are plenty enough for cropping in order to achieve the final frame, and since these images are not going to be printed I am quite happy with the results.





(c)2011 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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