A visit to an old castle

About a month ago I visited an old castle to make some images. I chose the Mamiya 645 Pro TL as my main camera since I needed some flexibility with focal length (I own the 45,80,150 lenses which translate to 28,50,90 in 35mm format).
As usual, I ended up using mostly the 45mm which has been my main choice with the Mamiya for a long time. It was a bright sunny day and since I arrived a little bit late and the sun was high I preferred to load a Fuji Provia 100F slide film instead of the Velvia which is my main landscape film.


A polarizer filter was used on most of my shots and the Provia performed quite well. The light meter of the M645 has proved itself over and over again with a great ability to nail down exposure so I didn’t need to use my Sekonic handheld meter.

I used a tripod of course since the Mamiya mirror slaps really hard and its not ideal for handheld shooting. I generally prefer to use large formats like 6×7 or 6×9 but there are times when I need more than one lens, the ease and speed of use which the Mamiya offers and the portability when walking (the Mamiya with three lenses is not light but it’s easier to carry than two cameras medium format cameras). Also the ability to change films mid roll by using different backs is a ver useful option.

Enough with words, here are the rest of the images.






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