Long Exposures with B+W 110ND filter

Back to digital, and to one of my favorite filters, the B+W 110ND. It’s a 10 stops ND filter which is great for long exposures during daylight. This time I took with me the Nikon D700 with the Nikkor 28-300 lens, since I needed the telephoto to “reach” certain subjects I had spotted. 
I much prefer to use this filter with a rangefinder camera like the Leica M8, since you can frame even with the filter fitted (you don’t look through the lens on a rangefinder camera, so it’s a joy to use with filters like the 110ND, the same goes for b&w filters like orange and red. On the other hand, filters like a polarizer or ND grad are hard to use). 
Anyway, the procedure with a DSLR is simple, frame, put the filter on and shoot, take out the filter and repeat.  

The TTL meter through the 110ND tends to underexpose, so I basically take a test shot, switch to manual and then compensate until I am happy with the result. By using smaller apertures I can easily shoot long exposures event at bright sunlight. On an overcast day, you can achieve very long exposure times, and if that’s not enough you can always stack another filter on for extreme results.  
I have noticed that there is a color shift which is much to my taste with these exposures, and many time great effects are created (like the double rope on the above image). 
The ND110 really shines on seascapes. For the silky water effect on rivers, a 2 seconds exposure is much more appropriate for me so I will use a 3 stops filter like the Hoya ND8. 
Enough with words, here are two more images with the 110ND filter. 


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