Let it snow (and a few words about large prints)

Well, Christmas are almost here and we got snow on the nearby mountains. I will sure try to find some time to make a few images at snowy places. Most likely I will choose a film camera, at freezing temperatures I like to travel with a good old film camera !

I searched through my archive to find a “snowy” image and found one from last year. It was taken with a Fotoman 612 camera fitted with Nikkor 90mm SW f8 lens. The film was Kodak Ektar 100 (one of the very few rolls I have tried with this specific emulsion).


This year I will probably take the Gaoersi 617 camera to make some genuine 6×17 panoramic photos. That will also give me the resolution needed for extra large prints. I recently printed a 100 inches wide 4:1 panoramic image (a multiple images stitch with the Nikon D700) and I was really amazed by just looking it. Viewing an image at that size really confirms my personal belief that images should be printed. All the glorious details emerge and of course there is no comparison of viewing the same image even at a large screen (the 300dpi resolution of the printed image blasts away the 72dpi of a computer screen).

Thats the main reason for having a multi megapixels digital camera (or shooting medium and large format film). Also, a large print will bring out all weaknesses of the composed image (composition, technique and post process). That makes me even more careful and thorough when I am out on the field since every “mistake” will be magnified when printed large.

So, until I am back with my new images, Merry Christmas to everyone !!!

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