Leica M7 with Efke 25

Back to film, this time with Efke 25, a traditional emulsion slow speed film. I have shot a couple of rolls in the past, but I had some trouble developing it right since the times I found for Ilfotec DD-X developer lead to overdevelopment. This time, I used the TMAX developer. I had to decrease the temperature to 18 Celsius to “reach” close to a 5 minutes development which I consider it to be the minimum required time to develop a film correctly. It worked great and I got very good developed negatives.


I used a Leica M7 camera with Voigtlander 15mm and Nokton 50mm f1.1

As expected the grain is minimal in a 25 ISO film. To be honest, I expected even less grain, the TMAX is not a fine grain developer, so maybe that’s the reason, but it also could be my inolvement with medium format film (if you have seen a 6×7 or 6×9 b&w negative, then it’s not easy to appreciate a 35mm image). Nevertheless, shooting with a 35mm rangefinder is easier, quicker and much more convenient in many cases.

Shooting at 25 ISO may be restricting as far as available light goes, but this way I can shoot wide open with lenses like the Nokton 50mm f1.1 without a ND filter especially on overcast days as you can see on the image below.


Overall, it’s a good film with a traditional look. Combine it with a rangefinder and lens like my 1950’s Elmar 50mm collapsible and you get vintage look photos which I like very much.




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