Landscapes with Nikkor 28-300 lens

In my previous post I talked about the Nikkor 28-300 f3.5 – 5.6 lens. A great 10x zoom lens which is perfect for travel photography. Add to that a fast 50mm f1.4 and you have a great travel combo for pretty much anything you want to shoot.

I usually do landscapes with wide angle primes, the 21mm and 28mm focal lengths are the ones I use most. This time, the 28-300 came in handy since I could not get close to a beautiful scenery I had spotted. The following two images were taken at 300mm focal length.

A telephoto lens will provide you access to images that could not be shot otherwise, although as you can see the look of the images is quite flat. Nevertheless it was the only way to get those images. When shooting medium format, the great size of the file allows me to crop significantly and still have enough megapixels for a good print. But of course cropping a photo taken with a 28mm lens to the equivalent of a 300mm will not cut it.

The following two images were shot at 98mm and 72mm.

As before access to the scenery required a long walk and since I didn’t have the time to do it, I chose to take the images with the 28-300. The VR of this lens is great and you can easily shoot it handheld when you want to. Trying to manage the tripod movements with a heavy zoom lens is completely foreign to me since I am not used to its balance and it’s getting frustrating some times. I own a good old SLIK tripod which has served me well until now and has withstand lots of abuse. If it can hold tight my 617 camera (and it does) then it’s good for any situation, still I think a ball head would be more appropriate with a zoom lens than my favorite 3 way head.

The last image was taken with the focal length set at 28mm. It’s a “genuine” landscape photo which reveals the whole greatness of the scenery. As it is expected for a 10x zoom, at 28mm the image distorts and the quality is not that great but it gets the job done. After all you can easily correct it, since Lightroom has a specific profile for the 28-300 which works very well.

That’s all about my experience with landscapes and the Nikkor 28-300. There are a couple more posts coming later with the rest images of my photo trip with the Nikon D700 and the 28-300.

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