Images with Kodak Ektar 100

My favorite color negative film for landscapes is the Kodak 160VC. Great color and contrast with a very large dynamic range. Unfortunately, Kodak decided to replace both the NC and VC versions with the new Portra 160. I haven’t tried that but from what I read is more close to the NC version. Although you can always increase contrast and saturation with post processing, I prefer the look I get for the VC. So, that leaves me to try again the Kodak Ektar 100.  
Vivid color and strong contrast with fine grain and designed for scanning, these are the characteristics as Kodak states. I have shot a few rolls last year but then I returned to the 160VC. Ektar 100 is quite a tricky film, it’s dynamic range is considered to be limited for a color negative, more close to that of a slide film, so exposing it correctly is much harder.  



Also, I noticed that on a overcast day the Ektar is not performing so good. Where it really shines is on sunny day. I rate it at ISO 80 which means that with my medium format cameras I will use a tripod for better results. One more thing to notice is that although this film was designed for scanning, getting out the right color was more difficult than with other films. I don’t have a specific profile for Ektar (I use either the Nikon Scan or Vuescan software), so I will probably have to find one or try the ColorPerfect app.


These are my thoughts about Ektar 100 based on my previous experience. Since then I have shot tenths of different films so my skills have been improved (a little bit !!). I have just received 10 rolls of Ektar so I will sure give it a try during the next days, and come back with my updated opinion about this film.


All images below are with Kodak Ektar 100 with the Makina 67, Mamiya 645 Pro TL and Leica M7 cameras.










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