Fuji GSW690iii with Kodak Portra 160VC

As you can see from my previous posts I’ve been shooting a lot of medium format film lately (slide and color negative). Yesterday I scanned my last roll and since the autumn is over (no more beautiful green and orange colors) I will probably turn to black and white film for a while.

This last roll was shot with the Fuji GSW690 and Kodak 160VC. I have only a few rolls left of this wonderful film which unfortunately is no longer in production. A fantastic landscape film with vivid color and contrast.

My next choice of color film (excluding the classic Velvia) will probably be the Kodak Ektar 100, I have shot this film in the past with mixed results, it requires a sunny day and very precise metering since it has a limited dynamic range.

Until then, here are the images taken with the Fuji GSW690iii and Kodak 160VC. A polarizer filter was also used.

(c)2011 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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