Fields images with Fuji X100

A few images of fields taken with the Fuji X100 camera. Fields lately have been a favorite subject for me, the way their colors change during seasons provide a great theme for photography. There are certain patterns created which are very interesting and I am soon going to bring out my panoramic camera to make some 6×17 images and print them large.
The Fuji X100 performed quite well, I had to correct some distortion, but with Lightroom (when shooting RAW), it’s easy to correct it by just using the lens correction feature (it’s only a click with the mouse and distortion is gone automatically since it has a specific preset for the X100).


Although I was only shooting JPEG with the X100, lately I switched to RAW. Fuji’s JPEG engine is great but RAW really provides more control over the final image (and the lens correction is a great reason alone to shoot RAW). The only downsize is the size of the RAW file (about 20MB) and the fact that it takes time to write consecutive images, a fast SD card is absolutely required.

As I have written in the past, I much prefer the Sony NEX body for its superb speed of use (the X100 seems really slow when compared to the NEX), but the new Zeiss 24mm f1.8 is a very expensive lens, and only with the Zeiss the NEX can compete with the undisputed image quality of the X100 at 35mm focal length. So, I would have to trade the Fuji with the Zeiss lens, but then I would loose the advantage of the viewfinder (the NEX 5 is not compatible with the great new OLED viewfinder), so it’s getting a very complicated issue.

Anyway, here are the images of fields shot with the Fuji X100.




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