Early morning images with Sony NEX 5

A few new images with the Sony NEX 5 with 18-55 kit e-mount lens. A few minutes after sunrise on an field. Weather was freezing and I was expecting a better sunrise but there was haze. I had brought with me the Mamiya 645 (actually I did three images but I still have another 12 frames, so these images will have to wait, digital always wins in terms of publishing first !!) and the Gaoersi 617 panoramic camera but I didn’t thought it was worth “wasting” film since the conditions were not optimal.


The HDR feature of the NEX proved to be very helpful in recording the full dynamic range of the scene. I added some contrast to make it more natural since I don’t really like the look of the HDR. Also, my favorite “Pop Color” preset was very helpful, since it created a vivid color look that further enhanced the sunrise light.

The house image below was also shot with the Leica M8 and the Mamiya 645 (with Kodak 160VC film), so when I will have develop the film I will post those images for comparison.

The SONY NEX has clearly become my all camera, I always carry it with me since it’s a very versatile camera. It can change lenses (legacy lenses included), has great ISO , is a very fast camera when you get used to its controls, and shoots great video. The lack of an external viewfinder is limiting but all it’s other aspects almost compensate for this.

Enough with words, here are the rest of the images.



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