“Surfaces” with the Sony NEX 5

Walking on alleys between old buildings can provide the subject for some interesting images. Textures, surfaces and graffiti can be “discovered” and compose a series of images.
I had the Sony NEX 5 with me fitted with the Sony 16mm f2.8 pancake lens. I rarely use this particular lens since its image quality is not so good and also has lots of distortion, but it’s an e-mount lens, has autofocus and f2.8 aperture for available light photos. The 15mm Voigtlander (about 22mm equivalent on the NEX is a much better lens, but has an f4.5 aperture. With the high ISO ability of the NEX 5 that’s not really a problem but I still haven’t tested it’s corners quality. I’ve read that there is magenta color shift in the corners but I’ll have to shoot some images thoroughly to evaluate that for myself (there is always the great Cornerfix software that deals with this problem but I usually don’t want to spent much time in front of the computer for snapshots).
Anyway, there were plenty of subjects to make images. I mostly used the “Toy Camera” effect which has become my favorite NEX in camera preset. Vivid colors, vignetting without post processing.
All Images below were shot with the Sony NEX 5 camera and the e-mount 16mm f2.8 lens.

(c)2011 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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