Panoramic infrared images

I often go back to my archive to find images I have either forgotten about. Time passes by and after thousands of images it’s natural that you start to forget about past images. Yesterday I “discovered” three panoramic infrared images. They were shot (as always) with the Leica M8 and B+W 092 filter. They are the result of digital stitching or course using the Auto Pano Pro Software.
Shooting carefully multiple frames and stitching them gives me the ability to make images with plenty of megapixels which can be printed large. Add to that the unique look of the infrared filter and you can make some great looking large prints.

These days I much prefer to shoot 6×17 film for my panoramic photos. Digital stitching can be more convenient and maybe provide an even larger file multi-megapixels files but the ability to frame on the viewfinder or ground glass at once works better do me. Also it allows the use of filters on the field and of course deals better with moving elements.

Nevertheless, digital stitching works better for me when shooting panoramic infrared photos (after all there are only b&w IR films today, with digital I can also make false color IR shots).

I don’t use a panoramic head, just a tripod, so it’s harder to balance the camera in order to get perfectly aligned images. Also I still haven’t bothered messing with nodal points, by carefully looking the images even at 100% zoom I didn’t find any problems (maybe the fact that on the Leica the lens is much closer to the sensor than a DSLR creates an advantage, but I am not technically proficient enough to assure this, I will have to look it up).

Anyway, enough with words, here are the images, all shot with the Leica M8 and B+W 092 filter, stitched with Autopano Pro software.


(c)2011 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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2 Responses to Panoramic infrared images

  1. Terence Amos says:

    Excellent images, where they taken in landscape or portrait format and how many shot in one image???

    • kbesios says:

      I almost always shoot in landscape format (although I have seen many shooting in vertical format). I dont remember exactly how many images I stitched for the images on this post, but generally I take 6-10 shots (depending and on the focal length).

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