Long exposure night images with Nikon D700

Long exposure images are always fascinating since they can produce very special looking images. Long shutter speeds can create the silky water effect, make the sea water look like steam, create interesting patterns of moving clouds, blur motion and of course reveal the beauty of stars at night.

I had the chance last weekend to shoot some long exposures with a group of friends during our trip to the mountains (1500m altitude). We walked to a dark area, set up our tripods and started taking images. For this kind of photography any camera will do the job but I decided to take no risks and take a DSLR (we didnt have much time, temperatures were below 0 Celsius, and I didnt have either the time or will to spend a couple of hours shooting 10 and 20 minutes exposures with ISO 100 film and mess with the reciprocity failure times).

The Nikon D700 with the 24mm f2.8 prime lens, a tripod and a cable release was all I needed. I chose ISO 1600 in order to reduce the exposure time (maybe not a very good choice but the D700 ISO performance is excellent and this way I could avoid stars trailing). The results were OK given the limited time we had. The D700 is indeed a wonderful piece of machinery, capable of excelling in any kind of photography And although I don’t use it so much due to its size and weight (rangefinders are my favorite cameras) when couple with just a couple of primes is a good combo especially for this kind of photography.
I should probably next time organize a trip just for long exposure night shots but this time with a medium format camera !!
Enough with words, here are the images.




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