Infrared images with B+W 099 filter

One more post about infrared images, but this time I got to play with a new filter, the B+W 099 IR filter. It is an orange color filter designed for color infrared film. The 099 blocks the blue and blue-green portion of the visible spectrum up to approximately 520nm. Since I don’t have any color IR film, I tried it with my Leica M8 which I always use for IR photography.
The main characteristic of the first images I shot was purple foliage with green sky. Depending on the light (and scenery) there were variations of the color shifts. When shooting with auto Shiite balance the result is an orange image which changes according to the WB settings. By using grass (or anything green) to manually set he WB the purple and green colors appear.

The 099 sure is much different from the two other IR filters I use the 092 and 093. It’s an even more specialty filter with much more limited applications than the others. The extra terrestrial look it creates does not fit every subject and many times looks like a heavily processed image in Photoshop. What I found out from my first shots is that it will take a lot practice in order to understand where to use it properly. Also, the M8 may be a very sensitive camera to infrared light, but it’s not a modified IR camera, so the 099 doesn’t always work like I’d like to (maybe its time to move to a dedicated IR combo !!)

Nevertheless it’s a new addition to my infrared filters arsenal, so I will sure continue to experiment with it in the future.

All the images below were taken with the 099 filter (Leica M8 and Voigtlander Skopar 21mm f4 lens). The first one created a very interesting vignetting effect around the sun when I added some contrast, probably it has to do with the way the light reached the sensor though the filter and lens. Pretty impressing effect !!

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