Images with B+W 110ND filter

The 110ND is a 10 stops ND filter from B+W. A special filter which allow long exposures during daylight. When trying to create a silky water effect on rivers a 3 stops filter is most of the times enough since I use shutter speeds between one and three seconds at most. But when you want to “freeze” the sea on broad daylight then the 110ND is the filter to use.
Other applications I have used this filter is when shooting cityscapes and I want to make people “disappear” from the image (that works better in darker situations of course). Also, when theres cloud movement the 110ND can create very interesting patterns in the sky.
The following images were shot with the Leica M8 and the 110ND filter at early morning.

(c)2011 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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