Ilford SFX200 infrared images

Infrared photography is one of my favorite subjects.I have extensively shot infrared images with the Leica M8 camera. So, it was just a matter of time before I try infrared film.
Today, there are basically three choices for IR film, Efke IR820 (there’s also a IR820 aura version), Rollei 400 IR and Ilford SFX200.You can view my first test images with the Rollei IR film here.
Ilford calls the SFX200 a “special effects” film. Its infrared effect is not quite as strong as the Efke and the Rollei but I find the IR effect quite good. I used the Leica M7 camera with the B+W 092 infrared filter. One good thing about this combo is that the camera’s TTL metering through the filter worked great. The results are very good so I might try this film at the future (although there are a few rolls of Rollei IR film i my fridge that are on priority !!).

All images below were shot with the Leica M7 camera and the B+W 092 filter using Ilford SFX200 film.

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