Early morning walk in the city

I always enjoy taking a morning walk in the city. It’s practically empty and its a great opportunity to make images that are literally street images (no people involved!!)
Since there was a great chance of raining I took my favorite “rain camera”, the Ricoh GX200. (no rain during these shots but it rained later and I took some more images that will post later).

The Ricoh GX200 is probably the camera with the best ergonomics I have ever used. You can practically do all operations single handed (which is great since my other hand can hold safely the umbrella when raining). A very small camera with a great 24-72 equivalent lens, a great tool for enthusiast photographers (as are all Ricoh’s cameras). I will probably write some my thoughts about this great camera at a later post (although it’s considered to be technologically “obsolete” compared to the new compact cameras, still remains a “must have” camera for me).

All images below are shot with the Ricoh GX200 (JPEG mode).









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