A few more images with the Fuji X100

Last Saturday we did a short field trip with a group of friends. I decided that since I have visited the specific location lots of times to take just the Fuji X100. It’s really liberating to carry just a small camera all day and be able to get 90% of the shots you had in mind !!
The focal length of the X100 (35mm) is my favorite one so everything worked well. I managed to take shots of landscapes, snapshots with friends, do a few infrared images and even get some macro shots. So, indeed the X100 is a great all around travel camera.
This time I shot all images in RAW, and I was very pleased with the stunning image quality of this camera. Probably I will switch to RAW permanently since there’s much control over the final image.
Enough with words,here are the images.

(c)2011 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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