Sony NEX 5 images with “Toy Camera” picture effect

During the past weeks I use the Sony NEX 5 almost exclusively. It seems that the characteristics of this camera fit exactly my needs (at least at this period). Small body, great image quality (especially with the Leica and Voigtlander lenses), excellent good ISO performance, and a very fast system (the Fuji X100 seems so slow compared with the NEX, although the image quality is great).
The firmware updates have transformed the NEX to a great camera for everything, and the only disadvantage (but a huge one for me) is the lack of an electronic viewfinder. Now, I will sure not upgrade to the 5n and the NEX 7 although a fantastic camera doesn’t justify (form me that is) the cost. I would consider it if it had the 5n sensor (16 megapixels, superb ISO performance) but 24 megapixels are just too much for a crop sensor. If that means that I have to shoot at low ISO in order to get the full potential of the 24 megapixels, then I can just take out the Fuji GSW690 (the 6×9 negative can produce superb quality large prints). Even the good old Leica M8 despite it’s 10 megapixels can create stunning large prints (the lack of the AA filter combined with the Leica lenses is an unbeatable combo).

So, for now I am staying with the NEX 5.

The following images were taken using my favorite in-camera picture effect, the “Toy Camera” effect. I also start to like the High Contrast monochrome effect so I will also post some b&w images from the NEX soon.




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