Infrared images with B+W 093 infrared filter

I mostly use the B+W 092 filter for infrared photography. It’s the best filter for me since I can shoot handheld inrared images (with the Leica M8, that is) and I can also produce false color IR photos by simply swapping the red with the blue channel.
B+W also makes the 093 infrared filter, it has a much stronger IR effect, but there are some disadvantages.
First, it’s very difficult to shoot handheld since it cuts more stops, and there is no color info at all, so images are strictly black and white. Also I have observed that in some photos you may get an effect which looks like circles of light , which ruins the whole image. I have noticed it both with the Voigtlander Skopar 21mm and the Leica Elmarit 28mm. Unfortunately I have deleted these images from my archive, so I don’t have any examples to post.

The advantage of the 093 is that it can produce very dramatic IR images in many light situations, although a tripod is necessary. When I find the time I will try to make a comparison between these two filters and post the images.

For now, the following two images were shot with the B+W 093 filter (and the M8 of course)



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