Combining analog with digital

I love shooting film, period. Although digital photography provides myriads of benefits such as live preview, zero cost (you can shoot thousands of images on a SD or CF card), super high ISO etc etc, the satisfaction I get when I developed an exposed roll of film is above all.
It’s the whole process of shooting, developing scanning and enjoying the final image. And still, I prefer the look of a b&w film photo from a b&w converted digital image (there is a great difference between grain and noise) on a large print.

And despite the fact that color images are dominated from digital, there’s nothing like a good scan from a Fuji Velvia roll. Of course this is my private opinion, but after all every one of us is choosing the medium that’s best for him (or her).

I rarely mess with post process on a film scan, except for the usual levels and contrast manipulation. But in the following image , just by digitally cloning a girl holding an umbrella transformed a normal image to something else. It still holds the characteristics of a film image but the final photo is something completely different, and it’s one of my favorite images.

The image was shot with a Leica M6 and Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5 (a wonderful lens which unfortunately I managed to destroy, and since is no longer in production I replaced it the f1.1 Nokton, which is a special lens, but the f1.5 was better). If I remember correctly the film was Ilford HP5.


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