Seascapes with the Leica M8

The Leica M cameras are well known and respected for providing unparalleled image quality in a small size. For that reason they have thrived in documentary and street photography. But that size can also be an advantage in landscape photography.

Carrying a Leica M with three lenses for example is so easy, the whole combo is light and can fit in a small bag to carry all day. Of course there are some things to consider when shooting landscapes with a rangefinder.


Since you don’t actually see through the lens, filters can be a burden. You don’t get to see the polarizer or ND Grad filters effect, and the frame is not 100% accurate. On the other hand it’s very easy to work with ND filters or colored filters for black and white images.

The good thing is that if you shoot a digital rangefinder, you can preview the result on the screen, so you know what the image looks like. Also, you can get a polarizer filter specifically designed for a rangefinder and you can work much faster this way. Finally, the M8 is a wonderful camera for infrared photography, I’ve shot many landscapes with the B+W 092 filter and the results are great.


I mostly use the Voigtlander Skopar 21mm and the Leica Elmarit 28mm f2.8 for landscapes (28mm and 37mm equivalents due to the crop factor). Both are great lenses with great image quality.

From time to time I use the Leica M7 loaded with Velvia or Provia but these days if I want to shoot landscapes with film I will use either the Fuji GSW690 or the Gaoersi 617 cameras (you can’t beat medium format!)

Enough with words, here are some seascapes shot with the Leica M8.




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  1. Great shots, I really like the 2nd last one!


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