Images with Fuji GSW690iii

The Fuji GSW690 is an amazing camera. Fully mechanical (not batteries needed!), with a superb Fujinon 65mm lens (28mm equivalent in 35mm format) and the stunning quality a 6×9 negative can provide, it has become my favorite landscape camera.

Also called the “Texas Leica” due to the fact of being a huge rangefinder (although I don’t really find it either too big or too heavy), can be easily shot handheld at low speeds. Or course most of the times I shoot on a tripod in order to get the maximum quality.

I will have more images from this great camera soon, for now I post two images with Fuji Velvia 50 (the best landscape film ever made!)



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2 Responses to Images with Fuji GSW690iii

  1. Frank says:

    Beautiful landscape photos!
    Shame you can see here only the small jpg screen version. I wonder if on the negatives, and in the real world, the clouds in the sky are also blue-ish, and not white or grey-ish .. Or is it only after scanning them in ..

    • kbesios says:

      I have used a polarizer filter on these images, I should take a closer look at the negatives to determine whether this is how it looked or is a result from scanning / exporting for web.

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