Holga 120 WPC images

The Holga 120 WPC is a panoramic pinhole camera which uses medium format film. It’s basically a large box with an estimated aperture of f133. Being a pinhole means that you get infinite depth of field so you can practically have everything in focus.

The camera can also be operated as a 6×9 but I prefer to use the 6×12 which gives me a panoramic aspect ratio of 2:1


The f135 aperture means that you almost exclusively shoot on a tripod (as you would do with any panoramic camera anyway) and be prepared for long exposures (a cable release is included in the package). As usually happens with these cameras light can enter from the back and create interesting (or not) effects. I use electrical tape as light seal when I have loaded the film which also works as a safety precaution of accidentally open the back.


You can also handhold or tape a filter in front of the cameras pinhole, I mostly use an orange or black filter for black and white film.I have used all kinds of films with the Holga WPC, nowadays I use expired C41 film.

Overall, I really enjoy using the WPC, you never really know how the final image will look like, and although you can emulate the pinhole effect with software, shooting with a film camera is always a pleasure !!

All the images below were taken with the Holga 120 WPC camera.





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