Gaoersi 617 with Ilford FP4+

I have managed after a month to develop a black and white Ilford FP4+ film shot with the Gaoersi 617 panoramic camera. For this one I didn’t use my favorite developer (Ilford Ilfotec DD-X) but the Kodak D76. I don’t Ike the process of mixing powder, but D76 is cheaper and for fast films it should be good.

What i found out is that with the 1:1 dilution the given time of 11 minutes (based on charts and forums) was too much and I got overdeveloped negatives. I should try next time 8 minutes or something like that. Fortunately, the FP4 is a very tolerant film and with the help of post process I managed to recover some highlights. Despite my bad development, there is exceptional detail and sharpness, so I will definitely shoot some more rolls of black and white film with this camera.



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