617 panoramic film resolution

Shooting a 617 panoramic film camera like the Gaoersi 617 is a fascinating experience. It allows you to make panoramic images without stitching, and it produces a huge 6×17 negative. Trying to calculate the megapixels included in a scanned negative of that size and compare it to digital megapixels is not easy to do. Sure, the size of my scanned 617 images are about 200 megapixels if you multiply the height and weight size but I am sure that the real size is much less in digital terms. Factors like grain and the consequences of scanning emerge, so I cannot really say how many megapixels are in the scanned negative.

What matters to me is that prints of 72×24 inches (180×60 cm) at 300dpi can easily be achieved with a 617 frame. Below is an example of the high resolution of a 617 frame. The image was shot using a Gaoersi 617 camera with Nikkor 90mm f4.5 SW, loaded with Fuji Velvia 50.


Numbers on the image correspond to the crops below.





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